More awesome robots in Robocop reboot

Am I the only one to notice that more and more robot movies are being made?

So it used to be rumoured that the U.S government was funding Hollywood production of Alien movies where the American hero through some uniquely human quality manages to wipeout the nasty invaders from outer space just in time for the rolling credits.  These movies were to soften us up so that we wouldn't get totally freaked out when we were finally informed that we are not alone.  You know, all that Area 51 stuff.

Well now there's a bunch more robot movies going hand in hand with all kinds of autonomous robot news in the press.  Robocop is the latest to feature awesome autonomous robots and while this is reboot of a classic, it seems more relevant today than when me and my buddies used to emulate the robocop walk around the school corridors and say stuff like 'Dead or alive your coming with me.'

Robocop is scheduled for UK release February 7th 2014