Jonathan Ross and Simon Pegg immortalised as robots!

As two of the most prominent comic fans in the UK, actor Simon Pegg and television presenter Jonathan Ross have been immortalised as robots by Robotslayer author Vince Kamp.

Drawn in the style of the Robotslayer comic, the Wossbot and Peggminator can be seen below:

The Wossbot

The Wossbot

The Peggminator

The Peggminator

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Jonathan is on Twitter @Wossy

Simon is on Twitter @SimonPegg

Robotslayer is an independently published graphic novel, for kids and adults alike, that is being simultaneously launched as a 60-page story and interactive iOS app, including interactive animations, sound effects and an exclusively-composed film-like musical score.

Robotslayer is now available to purchase from Amazon, the Dorking branch of Waterstones and in a number of independent comic shops, including Orbital Comics, Gosh Comics and Nobrow! In a world-first, the story is also being simultaneously released for the App Store, available in mid-December.        

The app includes a shoot ‘em up game putting the player in the role of a Robotslayer, who must save Robotolis from Dr. Grububble’s robot army. Vince originally drew the Wossbot and Peggminator as potential shootable characters, but due to the development cycle, it’s more likely they’d feature in a proposed sequel.

Robotslayer synopsis:

Humans and robots lived in harmony and life in Robotolis was perfect until revenge-bent evil genius Dr. Ludwig Grububble built a personal army, enslaving the minds of the robot citizens. When his brother is captured, one boy must overcome his fears and save Robotolis. With his grandfather’s help, he must become... the Robotslayer.

To help promote Robotslayer, father of two and first-time author Vince (who, by day, is the co-owner of a company that designs and manufactures scientific instruments, including products used for stem cell research!) has created a number of robots from the story in real-life, including this 8 foot replica! If you’d like to win a signed hand-made copy of Robotslayer and a mini-replica of the robot, all you need to do is click this link and help us to name him.

Help us name this big guy!

Help us name this big guy!

The winner will be announced at the Robotslayer launch party at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch on the 11th December – all are welcome but tickets are first-come, first-served, please see more details here on Eventbrite.

More awesome robots in Robocop reboot

Am I the only one to notice that more and more robot movies are being made?

So it used to be rumoured that the U.S government was funding Hollywood production of Alien movies where the American hero through some uniquely human quality manages to wipeout the nasty invaders from outer space just in time for the rolling credits.  These movies were to soften us up so that we wouldn't get totally freaked out when we were finally informed that we are not alone.  You know, all that Area 51 stuff.

Well now there's a bunch more robot movies going hand in hand with all kinds of autonomous robot news in the press.  Robocop is the latest to feature awesome autonomous robots and while this is reboot of a classic, it seems more relevant today than when me and my buddies used to emulate the robocop walk around the school corridors and say stuff like 'Dead or alive your coming with me.'

Robocop is scheduled for UK release February 7th 2014

Giant robot befriends little girl

Oh man, I just love this.  Over a million hits, people really do love robots......until they turn nasty. 


Get the full story on this fantastic creation from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts here  

Animade's Full Secs Project

The guys at Animade/Hover Studio have put together an awesome project to show that you can tell a story with animation in just 1 second.  You have got to check this out to believe it. .fullsecs 

Having never tried animation before, the 1 second movie is an opportunity too good to miss.  So here's my attempt using photoshop cs5.



Elysium: oh yeah robots, crazy weapons and space stuff

This new movie from the director of District 9 looks awesome.  It's the future - of course as all crazy cool robot stuff happens there - the poor live on earth, the elite on a spaceship called Elysium.  Badass police robots keep all the poor people in check  while the rich live it up in space.  Sounds like those poor folks on earth could do with a Robotslayer, no?

Is Google the real Skynet?

It is inevitable as robots become more and more like humans, that we start to worry about the prophesy of scifi movies like terminator becoming a reality.

Robots can can walk, run and jump, they can even avoid obstacles and have super strength.  Companies like Google are experimenting with robots that can analyze and think for themselves, perhaps even teach themselves.  How long before the robots become self aware and really do need a Robotslayer?

Now that's a Robotslayer suit

Oh man, those japanese robot engineers at Sakakibara Kikaiare are just so awesome.  I don't even dare show this amazing robot suit to my boys.  They will either explode with awesomeness or insist I get Opa to build them one.

The walker cyclops is 2.07m tall, 1.07m wide, weighs 340kg, and runs off rechargeable batteries.

And if this wasn't cool enough check out the Mechboxers which look like they could do with cranking up a notch to make them effective against Grububble's army of renegade robots.  Put a pair of thunder fists on these bad boys and you could be in business

Storm on an ipad

Must remind myself that even when I'm feeling lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut getting out the ol' ipad and drawing something will always lift my spirits.  

Try it, you never know it might work for you too.

Benny Bing Bong action figure

When I started this project Benny had not even been born but since this has turned into somewhat of an epic much time has passed.  Ben was born but it was still just Leo the Robotslayer.  It didn't take too long for Ben to notice he was not in the story so he became the sidekick all be it a robot himself.  Yeah I get that Leo the robotslayer has a robot brother but this hasn't seemed to bother them.

Anyway, Leo is the main character and there's a lot of pictures of him.  I made this little robot Benny out of clay for him to mess around with and even though it's a bit crude, he totally loves it.  #Winning


Drawing wheels on the galaxy note 2

I still can't quite believe it, but I just dumped my iphone in favour of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Yep, made the switcharoo from ios to android.  So far I'm absolutely loving it.  The Note 2 has such an amazing screen and the S-pen is awesome for drawing with.  This weeks illustration friday picture subject was 'Wheel' and this little sketch was done in sketchbook mobile for android on my shiny new phone.

Cranking it up

My deadline of having something ready for SXSW is looming (March 8th).  I'm sorta freaking out a bit, as while the pages are coming pretty quick, there's just so much to do and staying focused and motivated is pretty tough.  Never mind, the fear that nobody will like it or worse still, even care.

Revenge of the chicken wings

I thought it's about time I got back into Illustration Friday.

This might end up as another story I think....oh no what have I done.

The art cave

This is where the Robotslayer comes to life.  I get up around 4:30am, yep 4:30am, just me, farmers and breakfast show DJs and get in a couple of hours drawing.


I recently got a great deal on a Cintiq 24HD tablet and it is just the most amazing bit of kit.  I don't know how I did so much on my intuos 4.  I sit in front of it and marvel at the awesomeness.   I run PS5 on my Dell and pretty much that's it.  It has a web browser so I can listen to music on the new myspace and that's all I need.   You might be able to see some of Leo and Benny's robot artwork on the wall.  I'll get a better picture of that for another post.

Here's what I was working on this morning.

Building robot armour

Building the Robotslayer suit

Building the Robotslayer suit

As I've been creating the Robotslayer book, Leo and Benny have been getting more and more into the idea of being Robotslayers for real.  Leo needs a 'real' Robotslayer outfit and Benny needs to become his robot sidekick.

I'm building their suits at the moment.  I'm making the main body of the outfit from foam flooring panels which I can mould into shape using a heat gun.  I'll then spray them up and of course add lights.  I'll post some more pics as the build continues.