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Leo practising for using booster boots

Benny boosts off a cliff


Not just any boy

Robotslayer is a story that I started telling my boy Leo when he was 3 years old.  Looking back he was probably a bit too young but that's how Dad's are.  We just want to do cool stuff with our kids usually before they are ready for it.  

I would pretend to be one of the renegade robots and he would be the Robotslayer and beat me with his thunder fists or blow me away with his super turbo laser cannon.  If he got into a scrape he would leap high above the rooftops with his booster boots.

Prof. Robotolis, or Opa, as Leo knows him, is my Dad.  My Dad was always making things with me when I was growing up, he's a real life proper engineer and designs and makes scientific instruments for his own very successful company.  Leo thinks he makes robots.

Then along came Benny.  Benny is our youngest and he needed to be part of the story.  In the story, Leo has a robot friend that is almost like a brother, so when Benny was born I upgraded the character and gave Benny a bit more of the action.  Benny Bing Bong is Leo's sidekick and lifelong friend/brother.

Benny is 5 now and if ever there was a Robotslayer he would be it.  He's crazy and strong and awesome.

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